Search Tips

You can use German names, scientific names, seasons, colors and other terms in the image search. Upper and lower case is not relevant. Several search terms can be combined with operators. Special search terms can be used to further narrow down the search results, e.g. by image format and image size.
andSearch for images that match both search terms. Multiple search terms are automatically associated with this operator by default. Example: Both Rose yellow and Rose and yellow display images of yellow roses.
orSearch for images that match the first or second search term. Example: tree or shrub displays images of trees and shrubs.
notSearch for images that do not match the second search term. Example: Tree not oak displays images of trees, but none of oaks.
*Placeholder for arbitrary characters. Example: Call* displays images of genera like Calla, Calliandra and Callicarpa.
Search termsDescription
premiumSearch for selected, particularly beautiful images.
verticalSearch for images in portrait format.
horizontalSearch for images in landscape format.
A4Search for images that are suitable for at least DIN A4 print format.
A3Search for images that are suitable for at least DIN A3 print format.